7 Secret Day Journeys To Take In Longmont

Reading a Magazine

Most auto repair shops in Longmont put out a decent spread of magazines for customers to read while they wait. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the coffee table will stock a magazine specific to the customer’s interests, but the pile is worth going through anyway. Besides, there’s no real hurry here.

… Or a Book

Conversely, customers can bring a book with them while they wait for their auto repair in Longmont, CO. It’s convenient that such a worthy distraction be contained in such a small, portable package. In situations where spare time must be streamlined in order to avoid boredom, nothing does the job quite like a good book.

Playing a Video Game

Of course, books tend to require a certain degree of concentration in order to be enjoyed fully. Instead, customers might find it more engaging to play a video game as their car is being worked on. Virtually everyone has access to a smartphone and the countless game apps that come with them. However, truly dedicated gamers will bring a portable gaming console with them to the auto repair shop to make some serious progress in their virtual world.


Whether someone has an artistic predisposition or not, doodling mindlessly in the waiting room is a great way to help time accelerate. What the customer draws is entirely their choice; valid options are the store clerk; an image of the mechanic working on the customer’s car; the vending machine; or literally anything else. If the customer feels inclined to draw what a car would look like if it were merged with a dragon, they should go right ahead and draw it.

Making a Plan for the Week

Time spent in the waiting room can potentially be time put to great use. Whether the customer is someone who plans his or her days out to a T, or if they’re amateur planners looking to dabble in the field, an auto mechanic shop is a great place to draw up a productive list. Customers are encouraged to meditate upon the variety of useful things they can do in the upcoming week, and write it out in a calendar. Of course, customers should keep in mind that the most important part of writing a to-do list is following up on it.

Talking to People

Every individual is a wealth of unique more info thoughts and experiences. When looking to kill time in the waiting room on a slow day, it might be interesting for customers to spark a conversation with the shop workers and learn some things about them. Who knows - a customer might end up leaving the shop with sparkling new car parts and a great new friend.

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